Lame and Ignorant is a podcast hosted by myself, Eladio Martinez and my buddy Leo Barajas. Leo and I have been friends since Freshman year in high school. We went to an all boys Catholic high school called St Rita on the Southside of Chicago. Although we were relatively sheltered from the surrounding violence of the city, we would still find hardships and growing pains interacting with weird dudes who would pull out their nut sack and leave a slimmy streak of sweat on your text book if you weren't paying attention. Couple shit like that with the pressures of impressing the opposite sex in a school where the most attractive female was a 40 something year old, out of shape divorcee, who wore loose button down shirts, it's no wonder why our wives call us Lame and Ignorant. 

The purpose behind us making this podcast every week is to have fun talking about real life shit and in the process hopefully we can also seek out some personal growth and evolution. We don't intend to offend, annoy, disturb, hurt, or bother anybody but if we do, know that you chose to listen to a podcast aptly named.