Lame and Ignorant-044

Eladio and Leo are back at it. The guys talk about Catholics not eating meat on Fridays. SOUTH side Chicago fast food being WAY better than the north side. Eladio visits a couple of diners where roaches were found. Martin, the 90's TV series maybe coming back. And the guys get serious discussing the recent Florida school shooting.

Lame and Ignorant-043

Eladio and Leo get back to the grind and bring you a new episode. Leo got his lady pregnant and gives his experience of finding out the blessed news. The guys talk about what's to come, possible dilemmas that Leo may encounter, and the beauty that a new born brings into the world. Also, Stormy Daniels banged it out with our President Fucko Trump. And Eladio is oddly obsessed with serial killers. Check out the Netflix show Mindhunters. Thanks for listening. 

Lame and Ignorant-042

Eladio and Leo are joined by their friend, Terrence. Eladio bitches about his weak body. Leo motivates the audience with his story of success. Terrence gives a detailed account of a being a first time father.  

Lame and Ignorant-040

Leo and Eladio are back at it! Leo talks about the Gretta Van Fleet concert. Eladio goes down a list of names who have been accused of sexual harassment. Leo challenges Eladio in making fight picks against an online algorithm. And much much more. 

Lame and Ignorant-039

This week on Lame and Ignorant, Leo watches a video sent in by a listener. The guys read and discuss Louis CK's apology letter. What's going on with all these sexual harassment allegations? Eladio seems to discover the Doors. UFC 217!! Late Upload apologies! 

Lame and Ignorant-037

Eladio and Leo are back! Leo shares some awesome stories while Eladio struggles to follow along after taking a strong hit of a new vape pen. The guys debate whether golf should be considered an athletic endeavor. How much do pro gamers make? And Eladio shares a disturbing dream about a mutual friend.  

Lame and Ignorant-036

Hey it's great to be back! After several weeks of taking care of business behind the mics, Leo and Eladio are back at it. Catching up on recent endeavors and travels, the guys recap their traveling experiences in Europe and within the United States. Recorded Oct. 4th 2017.

Lame and Ignorant-035

Leo and Eladio sit down hours before the Mayweather vs McGregor fight. The guys give their take on the bout and make their predictions. The guys also preview their very first pre and post fight fan reactions to the fight.