Lame and Ignorant-034

Eladio and Leo talk about Speaking Spanish with English being their first language. Leo admits to being as boring as Hank Hill. Crack head neighbors are hitting Leo up for money. Walgreens has a peep hole in their bathroom. Leo gets upset about people charging their phone in convenient stores. Eladio wants to try horse riding after working alongside a modern day cowboy. The guys reminisce about great tv shows such as Xena, Hercules, and Married with Children. 

Lame and Ignorant-033

Leo and Eladio are back at it. The guys discuss R. Kelly's cult controversy, Nevada state endorsing a state of emergency due to a shortage of marijuana, people dropping turds in grocery stores, having sex in cars, an indecent proposal, the Mayweather McGreggor press tour, and much more. Enjoy!

Lame and Ignorant-032

Happy Fourth of July week everyone! Leo and Eladio are back at it giving a very patriotic and celebratory rendition of their 'Sack of Shit's' for the week. Among the few to be chosen is a Jack-Ass who is surprised she is receiving death threats after peeing on the USA flag, a woman who ruins a Colorado vacation by plunging 83 ft off a cliff, those who are spreading super gonorrhea, the 11 teens who cannot handle their weed intake, and last but not least, a man who shoots himself in the dick. Enjoy!  

Lame and Ignorant-031

Leo and Eladio are joined by the lovely ladies of their lives, Jazmine and Lisette. The couples get together to have a conversation about marriage, relationships, child raising, home owning, personal evolution, and the struggles of each. 

Lame and Ignorant-029

Leo and Eladio are back at it, discussing their weekends, Ice Cube being on Bill Maher's show, UFC Aukland, the NBA finals, another female teacher having sex with her students, and much more. 

Lame and Ignorant-028

Eladio and Leo are back at it. The guys give this weeks Sack o' shit list. The guys give there take on the Bill Maher mishap, Whoopi Goldberg's comments on domestic violence, and discuss what life would be like if they could afford a boat full of big booty females. 

Lame and Ignorant-027

Eladio and Leo talk about their weekend, Eladio shares his experience shooting a gun for the fist time. Leo talks about his long range game as he visited Top Golf. The guys give this weeks 'Sack o' Shits' and explore the eerie subject of incest flooding current pornography feeds. 

Lame and Ignorant-026

Eladio and Leo are back it. The fellas get together to discuss this weeks "Sacks of Shit" which include an asshole setting himself aflame, the Facebook killer, Burbank POS caught exposing himself to kids and several others. The guys also give their take on the sudden passing of Rock legend Chris Cornell. They also recap their week in review and forecast this weekends events. Shout out to Eladio's Pa who recently became a U.S. citizen. 

Lame and Ignorant-025

Leo and Eladio talk about their weekend, covering Canelo Alvarez's victory over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and previewing this weekends UFC 211. The guys also get a visit from Big Danny B who drops some knowledge on the highly debated topic of farting in front of your significant other.